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This is an image of an ice cream maker which can be found at the Museum of East Anglian Life, please see the stories so far below for more information.
My mum tells the story of when we used to live on a small estate, and how she would burst into song the minute she heard or saw the local ice cream man driving past our house, so we wouldn’t hear it. Unbeknownst to me of course - I just thought I had a happy mother who would sing the most ridiculous things at the strangest times. But on the odd occasion she missed her timing and I would beg and beg for a ‘99’ cornet. There is something about vanilla ice cream, perched on top of a cornet with a chocolate flake sticking out at a jaunty angle and then the whole thing dripping in raspberry sauce that always makes me smile. I don't think there is anything to beat it. So now, whenever I go to the beach I have to have one. The same when I go to the theatre. You can keep your interval drinks – mine’s an ice cream please.

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Posted by The Museum of East Anglian Life
“Here is its principal attraction;
It hurries up your satisfaction;
With every turn the toil’s diminished,
And in a jiffy it is finished”

It may look like little more than an old bucket but this intriguing object is in fact an early ice cream maker! Manufactured in the United States, the Shepherd’s “Lightning Ice Cream Freezer” first appeared in the late 19th century, although it remained popular well into the 20th century. This model comes from Scarlett’s Farm in West Bergholt, Essex, and consisted of a central canister (now missing) into which the ice cream mixture was poured and a surrounding tub which would be filled with ice. The canister also contained a mixing mechanism which worked by the manual rotation of the side-handle, an effort which would have taken considerable time regardless of what the product advertisements may have claimed!

Posted by Claire

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