Sirapite Train

Sirapite Train
A very rare shunting train housed at the Long Shop Museum in Leiston, Suffolk
Originally built in 1906 for Aveling and Porter as a shunting engine for their gypsum mines, Sirapite was sold in 1929 to Garrett & Sons (in Leiston) to replace horses that were being used to manoeuvre trucks carrying goods and materials between a town site, another site and Leiston railway station. In its frequent journeys between the 3 sites, with a supervisor holding a red flag as the engine crossed the main road, Sirapite proved to be a local source of pride as well as a visible link between the company and the town itself. Following her retirement in 1962 (being replaced by a battery locomotive) she was later bought by Sir William MacAlpine before ending up a rusting mess in Kent. Since then grants from private and public funders have seen Sirapite's return to Leiston and her subsequent restoration to full working order by a talented and committed team of volunteers. The project has been supported by the local council, with the aim being to allow all visitors - no matter what age - the opportunity to explore the social and economic development of the area, whilst enjoying Sirapite restored to her former glory. Why not go and check her out for yourself – she’s great!

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