White Horse

White Horse
Ipswich hotel made famous by Charles Dickens, who wrote ‘The Pickwick Papers’ there
Each of the six counties in the East of England houses pubs called The White Horse. But on closer inspection one finds that there are actually many pubs of this name spread right across the region. So how has it come to be so popular as a name for public houses and why are there simply so many of them? Well, a white horse was the sign of the House of Hanover who, through The Act of Settlement (which declared that no Catholics could accede to the throne) ruled Great Britain as monarchs after the Stuarts, from 1714 until the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. So many 18th Century innkeepers, wanting to publicly demonstrate their loyalty to this new Royal dynasty, adopted The White Horse as the name for their pubs and that’s the way it’s stayed ever since. So next time you pop in to a pub for a swift glass of ale or a cheeky lemonade, take a moment to ponder it’s name, as there’s bound to a good story in there somewhere.

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