Glazed wall or door opening, admitting light, curtains, blinds, security
Windows were originally mere openings in a wall or roof, later having animal hides, cloth or wood (shutters) covering them. Over time, windows were built using leaded mullioned glass, which allowed light in but still protected the inhabitant’s from the elements. Within churches of course, stained glass windows are often used to depict people or scenes from the Bible, or the locale of the church itself - allowing rich benefactors to be enshrined for all to see. My personal encounters with windows include having them used as a forced entry point when my house was burgled, or having my wrist sliced open when my hand went straight through one when I was about 10 years old. Thankfully they don’t always have to be so dangerous and we live with them without having to even really think of them that often – the sign of a technology that is simply part of our everyday life. Do you even know how many windows there are in the place you live?

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