Wisbech Castle

Wisbech Castle
Norman castle destroyed by flood, rebuilt as a palace and then a Regency villa
Wisbech Castle was originally built by William the Conqueror. He built it on a site that is strategically important, at the head of the estuary created by the River Ouse and the River Nene. The building has fallen in and out of disrepair many times over the years, so much so that it has been entirely rebuilt more than once! From the late 13th century, the Castle (or Bishop's Palace as it was known then) was used mainly as a prison and as a place for holding the Bishop’s courts. During the reign of Elizabeth I it was used as a prison for Roman Catholic recusants. Following that, a new building (Thurloe's Mansion) was erected in 1656 and the present Regency villa dates from 1816. Today, the Castle is owned and operated by Cambridgeshire County Council as a professional development centre, but has also been used as a location for several different television dramas and even films. If only William knew.

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