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As a child I remember being given the opportunity to pull apart the wishbone on many an occasion with either members of my family or friends. Two people held a side each in the crook of their little fingers and pulled. But why this tradition existed or where it came from, was never mentioned. In truth, maybe no one inb my family knew – like so many of our customs, sometimes we just do things we learn from our elders. However, the important thing when pulling the wishbone was always to ensure that you managed to get the larger part of the snapped bone - because in doing so then you were able to make a wish! This tradition of splitting the wishbone appears to originate from the Etruscans, who also dealt in haruspicy - a form of divination using the bones and entrails of animals and birds. The wishbone itself is actually the ‘furcula’ bone and in birds its primary function is in strengthening the thoracic skeleton, to help withstand the rigors of flight.

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