Large member of the dog family, pack hunter, and also connected by myth to the death of King Edmund
his is an image of a horse brass which can be found at the Museum of East Anglian Life, please see the stories so far below for more information.
Did you know that there is a local tale that tells of King Edmund’s death and his protection by a wolf? King Edmund is first mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle annal for 870, which was compiled twenty years after his death. By tradition, Edmund is thought to have been born in 841 and to have acceded to the East Anglian throne in around 855. Little is known of his life or reign, as no contemporary East Anglian documents from this period have survived. The devastation in East Anglia that was caused by the Vikings is thought to have destroyed any books or charters that referred to Edmund. What is known is that after a winter spent in Thetford, he died a horrible death at the hands of the Danes and that his severed head was thrown into the woods. As legend has it, Edmund's followers went seeking, calling out ‘Where are you, friend?’ to which the head answered, ‘Here, here, here’ until at last they found it, clasped between a wolf's paws, protected from other animals and uneaten. After the villagers then praised God and the wolf that served him, it walked tamely beside them, before vanishing back into the forest.

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This horse brass represents the wolf, which features in much of the folklore of East Anglia. It faithfully guarded the severed head of the good King Edmund of Anglia and resembled Black Shuck - the Devil’s hound and scourge of the county. The wolf also accompanied the mysterious Green Children when they were found in the village of Woolpit, the same place that the last wolf in England was killed!
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