A vast world war that occurred between 1914 and 1918, also known as ‘The Great War’
This is an image of a folding saw which can be found at the Museum of East Anglian Life, please see the stories so far below for more information.
This war is also known as the Great War. Not great as in good, but great as in long and bloody and horrible and involving lots of countries in an unprecedented fashion. A new experience. Never seen before. When I think of this war I always see a long gaping gash dug out of the ground, brown and long, a zigzag snaking off into the distance. This trench is deep and the mud it is dug into is barren and bare. The banks of mud are high and in amongst the gash are a line of soldiers, their heads only just visible. Looking out at a camera with blank expressions. Mostly serious. Moustached. Wearing hats. Some of them smoking. Most of them just standing. It looks pretty claustrophobic. There is no room to move forwards or backwards. Just sideways but even this seems impossible. Mostly because the gash is peopled as far as the eye can see. They look a bit like skittles waiting to be hit. This was a new thing this type of war. There were new ways to die and the only way to learn about them was after the war was over. It seems so wrong to call it the Great War when there was nothing great about it at all.

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Posted by The Museum of East Anglian Life
This folding saw was used during the First World War for sawing down any wooden obstacles in the path of the troops. Made of iron, it was carried folded up inside a small leather pouch, along with two wooden handles which were attached to either end for use. The saw consists of 25 links, onto each of which is riveted a short section containing three teeth. The rivets allow it to bend and fold for storage.

Posted by Sam Weller

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