About Pacitti Company

Pacitti Company is a UK based ensemble of international theatre makers, live artists, visual artists, sound and filmmakers, researchers and technicians. Convened in 1990 by Artistic Director Robert Pacitti the Company has spent nearly two decades producing and touring an award winning body of radical new performance works worldwide.

Pacitti Company approaches performance making as investigation through research. Steadfast in its commitment to rigour and craft, the Company blends formal disciplines and techniques with social sciences and personal politic. This bespoke process enables Pacitti Company to serve audiences with works of vital artistic and cultural value, whilst always remaining accessible.

Drawing on a background of punk, activism, fine art and club-land, Pacitti Company makes socially engaged work that presses for change. The Company is unequivocally process led and its studio-based practice forms the backbone of its operation. Through its Research Facility and Think Tank platforms Pacitti Company members are engaged in an ongoing programme of investigation through research. This experimentation provides an extensive pool of ideas, writings, images and concepts, which the Company use to develop new work.

Known primarily for its own unique visual performance style, the past few years have seen a change of focus for Pacitti Company, and a diversification of its outputs. In 2007 Robert Pacitti created the SPILL Festival of Performance – an international festival of experimental theatre, live art and performance. SPILL presents the work of exceptional artists from around the globe on main stage and in site-specific locations, and is now recognised worldwide as the UK’s premier artist-led festival of experimental work.


Can you support us?

Work that takes risks, makes challenges and seeks new ways to be in service is difficult to fund. Pacitti Company relies heavily on the vital support of companies, charitable foundations and individuals who believe its work significantly enriches culture for the better. If you would like to find out more about how you can support us please contact Jen Walke on jen@pacitticompany.com


Pacitti Company is a Registered Charity and governed by a Board of Trustees:

Gill Graham (Chair)

Robyn Durie

Conrad Lynch

Yannick Marzin

Nicole Newman

Martel Ollerenshaw



Pacitti Company receives regular funding from Arts Council England.

Pacitti Company is the trading name of The Robert Pacitti Company Ltd. Registered in England as Limited Company: 3701419. Registered Charity: 1075462. VAT registered: 877 0425 07.