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On Landguard Point

Cinema City Norwich
2nd September 2012 5.15pm
Includes Q&A after film (6.45pm) with Robert Pacitti, Director

In 2011, the On Landguard Point team gathered stories and local knowledge with help from East of England residents to develop the project, culminating in a feature length film. Inspired by the histories and culture of the East of England, On Landguard Point exists at an intersection between live performance, community and cinema – where local people and places really do become the stars of the show.

The film also features work by internationally acclaimed artists such as Michael Nyman, Julia Bardsley, Rajni Shah, Kira O’Reilly, Harminder Judge and Mark Peter Wright.

On Landguard Point is a non-narrative film built through poetry, patchwork, maps and slips of story. Woven together these forms accumulate ideas around what home means. Shot entirely in the East of England, On Landguard Point is partial and makes no claim to speak for everyone or even a whole region. The film explores how we forge our diverse notions of home, what shifts when we view home from afar, and what it means to host others in our homes.

The heart of this film is Landguard Point itself – a small peninsula of land in the Suffolk parish of Felixstowe. Of national importance Landguard Point is site of the last opposed invasion of England in 1667 and is now the UK’s principle trade gateway. Most people in the UK consume or live with goods that have passed through Felixstowe Port and so On Landguard Point is a film about local and global trade: what it means to produce and export, or import from elsewhere. It is also then a film about migration, identity and defense. These themes underpin every element of the film and offer up multiple layers of resonance and meaning.

The content of the film features some aspects of a series of community events took place across 2011 and 2012. One of these was a region wide call out for A People’s Encyclopedia for the East of England. Of the many entries, 205 were turned into symbols, offering a visual lexicon of people’s shared stories, memories and local knowledge. Many of these symbols appear throughout the film.

On Landguard Point is Robert Pacitti’s first feature film.

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