Our intention is to inspire a broad range of participants and audience members, including students, children, young people and seniors in a variety of ways. We have spent much of the past couple of years listening to underrepresented, disadvantaged and disengaged individuals and groups too. So On Landguard Point provides numerous audience development opportunities, engaging participants and audiences who may not be familiar with the arts.

Within an inclusive framework core themes and ideas will be clearly signposted for anyone wishing to engage with them. Pacitti artist-led projects is committed to providing the public with ways to engage with the programme on their own terms, in a meaningful way that has a lasting impact.

On Landguard Point’s legacy is far reaching – with artistic collaborations resulting in a range of exceptional commissions including the On Landguard Point film, an exhibition, archival assets, craft objects and educational materials. Other heritages will also include the public’s experience of direct participation in the programme, training across a range of artistic and cultural production territories, acquirement of new skills, enhanced community links, and the development of ongoing permanent activity in the region by Pacitti artist-led projects.

Please take a look at our volunteer page to see how you can get involved with On Landguard Point and contribute to our East of England legacy.