Each of the 205 OLP symbols has been made into a silver charm by jewellery maker Victoria Constable, who lives and works on the Norfolk / Suffolk border.

These symbols have also been made into 6 complete sets of charms, which then serve a variety of purposes within On Landguard Point.  As a physical manifestation of the submissions made by members of the public to the People’s Encyclopedia the charms become an alternative to the written word. As objects that can be handled they also become totemic – potent little triggers for differently remembering information, sharing memories, or storytelling.

The charms are curious little objects, like something taken from inside an old bottle found in a fireplace, that was put there to keep evil spirits away. They are a bespoke collection of intense little objects, driven in form and content by the people of the East.

One of the sets of 205 symbols will be buried across the archaeological excavations that are taking place in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk that is being undertaken by members of the public. As the dig is filled back in, a charm will be left, so that across the region layer of On Landguard Point becomes embedded in the very fabric of the East of England.  Another set of the charms will go on display as part of the Live Trade collection, a companion to the Encyclopedia, and permanent reminder of On Landguard Point.