We want to hear about your treasured recipes – the ones that taste of home!

We are making a free to access On Landguard Point cookbook.  Through sharing the cookbook we hope to communicate far and wide our diverse experiences of home, and what it means to live in the East of England. We don’t need to leave the East in order to reach the world – our own community reaches much further than that.

So to kick things off we have made an Cookbook for the East Starter Kit. We are calling it a Starter Kit because we hope to gather lots and lots more recipes across the rest of the year through into 2012. So to start us all off we have gathered 60 recipes that taste like home to the people that submitted them. Why not download it yourself and see what you might like to make? Maybe you have something special that tastes like home and you would like to share? If so then flex your typing fingers, and submit your recipe here  - Cookbook