A People’s Peculiar

We are inviting you to help us write A People’s Peculiar, a compendium for the East of England that tells the story of our region – its places, people, histories, myths, folklore, dreams and futures.  Ideas, facts and anecdotes ranging from the personal to the poetic are all welcome.

What are you wearing?

Do you know who made it or where it came from?

Have you ever wondered how it got to you?

And what did you last eat?

Do you know where that food came from?

Who grew it, processed it and then made it available?

Now think about somewhere you might call home.

Somewhere you know well, somewhere really familiar.

Who lived there before and what were their lives like?

Who lives there now? And what makes it yours?


Join in and share your experiences and be a part of our project’s legacy for the East.

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